Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

D365 FO generates mountains of data, but what if you could turn that data into actionable insights? Azure Machine Learning (AML) is the bridge that connects D365 FO’s data to intelligent decision-making. Forget transactional limitations—AML improvises D365 FO to become a strategic intelligence hub, guiding your business toward informed choices, resource optimization, and sustainable growth. From reactive to proactive, from siloed to connected, AML empowers D365 FO to become the beating heart of your data-driven future. This blog explores the ways to use Azure Machine learning with D365 FO.

Proactive forecasting, not guesswork

Bid farewell to manual forecasting and cumbersome spreadsheets. AML empowers you with precision forecasting and leverages historical sales data and external factors. This guides dynamic pricing, inventory management, and production planning, ensuring optimized resources and maximum profitability.

Translate subtle data cues into informed strategies

Use AML to thoroughly examine purchase patterns, individual tastes, and potential churn risks within D365 FO data. AI-driven recommendations offer personalized product bundles that anticipate customer needs, transforming satisfied customers into loyal supporters.

Navigate inventory challenges

AML simplifies inventory management by forecasting demand and optimizing stock levels. This minimizes stockouts, streamlines fulfillment, and reduces storage costs, ensuring a well-equipped warehouse. Your business gains a strategic advantage, ensuring every item is readily available to meet customer demands.

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